Learn multiple acting techniques from the minds of Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen; that will sharpen your skills as an actor.  Work with award-winning filmmakers on set.  Learn multiple acting techniques.  Be a part of a communiity of artists who are dedicated to growing in their craft.

Have a professional actor's reel made under our "BTA Apprentice" program!    


Break- Through- A cting

At Break-Through-Acting, we are committed to promoting an environment where you can grow as an actor, and learn from actually being on set.  If you're interested in breaking into the acting or sharpening your craft; come visit our space in Dale City, Va.  

Learn among award-winning filmmakers.  We will recreate scenes from movies you know, and shows you watch, and original material.  Filmed by a cinematographer; your potential reel footage is being captured on a staged set.

​Learn set etiquette, and how to work with directors and crew.




fREE sessions!  

Practical, hands-on teaching.   Filmed projects.  Sign up for the "Reel Actor" or "Apprentice" programs, and get a free  acting reel to submit to agents and casting!

B. T. A.

Select Class Program


Short film project!

Will be casting for our first short film project!  Also positions open for crew!

​​​​​​​Programs          Includes:             Pricing


​      BTA Acting                                      Interactive sessions!                                               $25.00

                                                               to include warm-up  

                                                               exercises; improvisations;                                                                                                                                   

                                                               various acting techniques;

​                                                               working with script sides;

​                                                               performing monologues;

                                                               and acting on camera.

​     BTA "Reel" Acting                            All of the above, including                                       $35.00 &  $100 for the reel

                                                               an acting reel made from

​                                                               filmed monologues and

​                                                               scenes during class time.


​      BTA Apprentice                               Includes 1st and 2d programs                                  $45.00 & $150.00 per reel

                                                              plus a professional actor's

                                                              reel, made from in-class scenes

                                                              and short film.  You may also

                                                              elect to have other acting projects

                                                              included in the reel, as long as

                                                              the footage is accessible thru our

                                                editing program.